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"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
Ephesians 2:10

As deacons, we are excited to see the possibilities for Christian mercy and justice across the many areas of our ministry for the following reasons:
  • They are unreserved expressions of the gospel of Christ
  • They are local, enabling us to get right into ministry, participating as we are drawn
  • They draw on a wide range of individual gifts across the full spectrum of our body at Knox
  • They permit us to be relational in our mercy and justice
  • They enable mercy as a way of life

Bob Ause, Sr.

Martha Ause

Migi Cherif

Barb Dick

Cynthia Eng

Martha Hayes

Darryl Hondorp

Fulter Hong

Kjell Johnson

Steve Lamine

Dan Milot

Dan Tjarks

Denise Toomasian

Our Ministry focuses on:

Caring for the needs of our flock at Knox:
These activities include providing confidential assistance and counseling to people struggling with all kinds of difficulties: financial, material, relational, personal and spiritual.

Leading Knox in ministries of Mercy to our neighbors:
We assist in giving financial support to Christian agencies in our community that care directly for our needy neighbors; these include the local Salvation Army, Hope Clinic and Family Life Services. As deacons, we support opportunities for the Knox congregation to make special provisions for the poor, such as Christmas food baskets and Angel Tree gifts. We also organize the on-going collection of food for the poor served by the food pantry at Hope Clinic.

Leading Knox in ministries of Justice in our community:
A ministry of justice seeks a deeper relief from persistent afflictions that keep people from dignified participation in community. The Justice ministry at Knox has three areas of focus:
  • At the beginning of life, young mothers in crisis pregnancies are in need of gospel mercy to support them in caring for their children and themselves; their unborn children are in need of gospel justice in the face of possible abortion. Family Life Services is a Christian agency in Ypsilanti, encouraging young mothers in crisis pregnancies to choose life, and then supporting them as they encounter the challenges that this choice can bring.

  • Throughout life, poor children and adults are in need of gospel mercy of food, shelter, clothing, medical care and dental care. These provisions can also be gospel justice when they enable people to gain life-functionality and break out of the oppressive cycle of poverty. Hope Clinic is a Christian agency in Ypsilanti that provides free medical and dental care to uninsured children, adults and families; it also operates a food pantry, a free-use laundry room, and a "care-and-share" closet providing basic daily necessities.

  • At the end of life, our needy elders are often denied dignified participation in community, either in nursing homes or as shut-ins; their isolation calls for gospel justice and mercy. Bortz Health Care is a nursing home that welcomes Christian care and fellowship for their elderly residents. Many of their residents are without families or have limited means. We at Knox have the opportunity to bring Christian fellowship to these residents who otherwise cannot experience it. We can do so through group visits on Sundays, including prayer, song, scripture reading and fellowship; additionally, we can cultivate one-on-one relationships with residents, which is very meaningful to them.
If you have any questions for the Deacons at Knox or would like to learn more about how you can volunteer or donate to the Hope Clinic, Bortz Health Care or Family Life Services, please contact Martha Hayes.

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