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"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Proverbs 27:17

Mission Statement:
Happy guy The Men's Ministry at Knox Church is "committed to building godly men to serve Christ in their home, church, career and community." This mission statement, adopted by the Men's Ministry in 1995, is pursued through a variety of initiatives, events and activities. The Men's Ministry places great emphasis on developing relationships in and among the men of Knox for furthering encouragement and support of men in their walk with Christ.

Men's Tuesday Night Bible Study, 7:00PM
We will be exploring Romans. The 30 week class meets upstairs in the Music Room. It is open to all men, high school age and up, and is suitable for any level of Bible knowledge. To learn more about the Tuesday night class, contact Bob Cant.

Men's Wednesday Night Bible Study, 6:30pm to 8:30pm March 5—May 14
The Fatherhood Project – Building Great Dads places a specific focus on four foundational roles that fathers serve their families as provider, protector, partner and preparer. Participants are provided the opportunity to grow in greater effectiveness and confidence in these four roles by guiding dads through a Christ-centered understanding found in the Scriptures. Building Great Dads is presented in multiple sessions called Project Meetings:

Project Meeting One: Building a Firm Foundation presents the foundational truths about God the Father’s love for His children and the special place He has for us as His sons.

Project Meeting Two: Building a Provider opens the Biblical principles of how we are to provide for our families as fathers who put their confidence in their Heavenly Father.

Project Meeting Three: Building a Protector explores the various influences that seek to do harm to our families and how as a dad, you can effectively defend your family against these forces.

Project Meeting Four: Building a Partner focuses on Biblical principles that form the foundation of good, healthy relationships within the family.

Project Meeting Five: Building a Preparer guides fathers through the often challenging task of how to best support their children as they prepare to face adulthood.

Project Meeting Six: Building a Great Family brings to the forefront what it means to be a truly great family and how can dads lead their families to greatness.

Cost:(includes class materials & refreshments)
Registration: contact Lewis Clark or simply come on March 5th to register then!

Accountability in Men's Lives
The Scriptures tell us that we are to sharpen one another like iron sharpening iron. Many of the men of Knox have developed accountability relationships with two or three other men. The concept is for a small group of men (no more than three or four) to get together on a regular basis to get to know one another, pray together and ask each other the tough questions about how their personal life is going. The Men's Ministry seeks to assist in matching men with other Christian men in these relationships.

Men's Retreats
The Men's Ministry has consistently provided retreat opportunities to Knox men, historically on an annual basis. Typically, the retreats are held in the late winter or early spring. They provide an excellent opportunity for men to share fellowship, learn from God's word and reflect upon their walk with Christ. Our 2014 Retreat will be held in the spring. Check back for details.

For further information, contact Lewis Clark.

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