Every child is different and so are the reactions of each child. Revelation is not an easy book and as we move through the different chapters, John’s scenes and images get increasingly “scary” for some kids (as adults we like fancier words like graphic and challenging). Those of us who lead Knox’s Children’s Ministry understand that.

It could be that if you’re not all that familiar with Revelation, you could easily be caught off guard on a Sunday as you stream the worship service. John uses graphic and startling imagery to force us to see our own world in new and challenging ways. That’s fine if you’re an adult. Perhaps more problematic if you’re a small child.

It might be helpful for you to read the text before the service begins in order to make some decisions about how you might respond best to your child. Providing them something different to do during the sermon time might be one answer. There are lots of online things like Bible-themed coloring or activity pages you might decide to use.

But whatever decisions you make, we wanted to give you a heads up about weeks to come. It’s not that we’re apologizing for what the Bible says – or even how it says it. We’re just recognizing that some things are tougher for our little ones to grasp and process. Know that we care about you and your family, and we are with you as we continue to explore the fascinating but challenging book of Revelation.

If you have questions, or would simply like to talk further, please contact one of us!

Grace, peace, and health to you all,
Knox Children’s Ministry associates

Julie Kanzelmeyer, Karen Kline, & Kristen Meehan