How do I share information about my ministry events?


Knox ministry events are promoted through the venues listed below. Special events that address at least half of the Knox population may request a pulpit announcement or bulletin insert. Announcement text and / or inserts need to be requested at least two weeks in advance, and will be accepted based on available print space or time in the service.

  • Knox App: “Knox Presbyterian Church” captures news / events from the website and sends push notifications to those who subscribed to our various groups.
  • Knox Facebook Page: Post information and photos about church events, classes or groups, share links to books, websites, podcasts, make announcements.
  • Atrium Slides: Run every Sunday on the big screen TV in the Atrium.
  • Bulletin Board by Knox Hall: Hard copy postings for Knox Events.
  • Display / Sign up table in Atrium: Use a tablecloth, do not store items under tables, remove promptly.
  • Knox News: Weekly print copy on the back of bulletin; due by Tuesday.
  • Bulletin Insert: Typically ½ sheet single-side, black and white; ministry generates, office prints.
  • Pulpit Announcement: Is read by a pastor; must be relevant to at least 50% of the congregation. There is a 3 announcement / week limit.
  • Ministry Moment: Given by a ministry leader; 3-5 minute testimony during worship of how God is at work in your ministry.
  • Targeted Email: Can be sent to specific people groups, e.g. Women.
  • Website posts: Promote upcoming events / long-term programs. The “News” area contains posts of interest to the broadest range of our population. Individual ministries also have their own news on their pages. We are able to generate forms and receive online payments.
  • Weekly Email Reminders: Sent on Friday, typically includes events coming up within the week; not the preferred venue for events on the horizon.
  • Lower Level Bulletin Board: Print copy posted there for both Knox and community events.

Email: Verna Hinman, Office Manager
Phone: (734) 761-5669 x 204