March 24th through April 14th in the Worship Center

Theologian Robert Jenson wrote an article entitled, “How the World Lost Its Story.” Of course, what he’s referring to is the great big giant stories that cultures tell in order to make sense of the world.

The West has lost its story—the Biblical story about the world and everything in it. But with the loss of the Biblical story we’re at risk of losing not only the story God gives us but the stories we tell one another as we try to understand and explain our world.

Join us in the Worship Center for this Adult CE class as we explore the call of stories and their importance for following Jesus.


  • March 24 – Daniel Coupland (Hillsdale College), “Stories and the Cultivation of the Moral Imagination”
  • March 31 – Teresa Mattson, “Yes…But Is It a GOOD Story”
  • April 7 – Daniel Coupland, “Stories and the Cultivation of Wonder”
  • April 14 – Bryan Gregory, “The Bible and the Story of God.”