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Adult CE Classes
We have three Adult Christian Education classes starting Sunday, January 16th at 11:15 AM.

We have three Adult Christian Education classes starting January 16th at 11:15 AM.


Science and Christian Faith
The class will show how science, which is an exploration of patterns and laws exhibited within the natural world, is God’s gift for our enjoyment, alleviation of human suffering, and His glory. In modern times, many treat science as a substitute religion, seeking from it a comprehensive understanding of how the universe and humans came to be, and what, if any, their meaning or purposes might be. The class will show how this view profoundly misunderstands science, and how we can recover and enjoy God’s intentions for science to His glory. We will discuss together how science works, its history and interactions with Christian faith, what it has to say about the universe and human beings, how we might better understand and enjoy science, and bring gospel grace to the scientifically minded among us. Based on class interest, we will also discuss how science addresses public policy, including such “hot” topics as responses to the pandemic and to climate change. Questions from participants will be gladly received and discussed.

Teacher: Ron Larson
Room: Music Room (upper level)


Not the Same Old Story
Stories in the Bible are wonderful and captivating, but they can also be difficult to make sense of. How do we get the main message from biblical stories? How do stories communicate truth? How do we apply stories without being simplistic or moralistic? Come explore how we can better understand the richness of biblical stories and how we can connect them to the realities of everyday life and our relationship with God.

Teachers: Pastor Bryan Gregory
Room: Garden Room (lower level)


Sermon Discussion
This class will be a discussion of the sermon based on the Going Deeper questions listed in the bulletin. This opportunity will allow you to extend your understanding and application of the sermon text. You will also be able to connect with or meet other Knox folks. Feel free to join any Sunday!

Facilitators: Edy Sulimin
Room: Harvest Room (lower level)
Virtual: Zoom Meeting (contact Edy Sulimin for the link)