Annual Confidentiality Certification

Current Policy for Confidentiality (September 2021)

Information to be Protected

Non-public member and employee information is confidential. No individual therefore may disclose to a third party, including his/her own family, information learned from member records, accounts, database systems, or any confidential sources during the course of his/ her work.

Knox understands that employees and volunteers will be exposed to confidential information of varying or differing sensitivity. This policy is not designed to establish confidential procedures that meet the requirements of HIPAA, FERPA, or other regulatory schemes.

This policy in no way alters, replaces nor overrides mandatory reporting requirements or obligations, for example regarding abuse.



Confidential Information must not be accessed, removed, discussed with or disclosed to unauthorized persons, either within or outside of the Church, without proper authorization. Authorization may be from the Senior Pastor, his / her delegate, or the person whose confidential information is held. No individual may access confidential information that they do not have a need to know to carry out their work. Employees may not access, release, or discuss any confidential information of other employees without proper consent, unless the employee must do so to carry out specific assigned job functions. See section 7.4 of the Employee Handbook for the Computer and Technology Resources Policy.


Storage and Disposal of Confidential Documents

Confidential documents must be kept in a safe, secure location, for example, locked or accessible only by password. Only those who have been appointed by Knox may be given access to such documents. Confidential documents must be disposed of by the method of shredding to prevent a confidentiality breach and/or identity theft.

Any person aware of material violations should report them promptly to the Senior Pastor or his delegate. An employee who improperly uses or discloses confidential information will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, even if he or she does not actually benefit from the disclosed information. Volunteers may likewise be removed from their roles.


All employees of the Church are expected to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding personal information of church staff, members, and non-public church matters.  This expectation applies to oral disclosure of information as well as physical records and documents and data wherever stored.  This expectation also applies volunteers serving in capacities where they are exposed to confidential information in their work.

I have carefully read the Policy above and in signing below acknowledge I have considered both the literal expression of the policy and its intent.  By signing below, I acknowledge my intention to abide by and be bound by the policy.


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