Jun 7, 2015 ”Atonement” is part 1 in the series on Gospel Words.


If God is holy, how then do sinful men and women gain access to the presence of God? The answer isn’t morality or religion or any kind of human achievement. The answer is the atoning work of Jesus. Jesus died in our place to take the punishment for our sin. By his death, we have life – not just temporal life but eternal life. Jesus’ death on the cross is the door through which we enter by faith in order to know the love and goodness of a Heavenly Father.

Key Quotes:
John Duncan, “For us, there can be no little sin unless there be a little god against whom to commit it.”

John Stott, “We can cry “hallelujah” authentically only after we have cried, “Woe is me, I am doomed.”

June 7, 2015
Pastor Bob Lynn
Romans 5:6-11