Recommended & in the Knox Library:Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries” by June Hunt

Children need boundaries in order to flourish.

BondingIn Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries, biblical counselor June Hunt, along with PeggySue Wells, combines biblical hope and practical help to motivate parents to understand and practice appropriate boundaries with their children. Discover the essential role of boundaries, how they contribute to the development of a child’s character, and how they equip kids for a lifetime of learning. Practical “how-to” chapters illustrate how to make boundaries work—guiding parents as they cultivate happy homes and build healthy relationships with their children.

“Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries is brimming with solid, biblical advice on the situations parents face day-to-day. Whether you’re struggling with your kids over temper tantrums or dishonesty or bullying, or even if you’re just looking for ways to structure chores around the house, this book has something for you.”  — Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

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