On December 6 we had a beautiful evening filled with rich worship, warm fellowship, delicious catered desserts and fun holiday crafts. Our speaker, Connally Gilliam, encouraged and challenged us with her meditation, “Real and Redemptive Friendships in the Kingdom of God.” Sharing the movements of God’s “Big Story” – Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration—she encouraged us to press into our Savior whose connection to us in the Incarnation makes possible both our vertical relationship with God and our horizontal relationships with each other!

Connally’s book

Connally’s disarmingly honest and humorous style helped us enter into the wonder of what Jesus’ first coming accomplished for us and helped us long more deeply for His return as she wove together both the Scriptures and personal stories!


Anya Cobler shared an original poem entitled Prayer, inspired by her youngest daughter, Pearl, who was born with significant vision issues. In it she reflects on both the ache of not being seen by her daughter and the joy of those moments when Pearl has actually looked into her eyes. Her poignant words touched that deep longing to be seen and known and to see and know another that can only be restored in full by Jesus as He Sees and Knows us for eternity!

When she looks at my eyes for just a second—
when her retinas pause on black and white
relief from sunlight, trees, sky—whereas before
her eyes saw unspoken darkness,
without a word to name the dark ocean—
When she looks on me with sight it is like
light sweeping into the dark corners of
my soul, to stand alone in a dark field
but the tender sunrise of the morning
breathes warmth while I am yet a long way off–
Zechariah’s mouth was loosed in this way
and he sang of the Morning who would come
shattering our blindness–would that my
unbelieving heart could know the warmth of
His breath, tiny heave of chest as He took,
shared darkness first.

Anya L. Cobler

Special thanks to Tori Clark and Amy Smith who led us in wonderful worship music and to Dave Koller who faithfully works to meet all our tech needs!

As we look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ coming this Christmas season, Colossians 3 says that we can be women who are forgiving, loving, filled with Christ’s peace (within and among us), thankful, richly indwelt with the word of Christ, steeped in wisdom with one another, and filled with praise/celebration. Which one of these “traits” do you long for Jesus to make real in your life this season? Remember to ASK JESUS CHRIST, the hero of the Big Story, to lead you in this area. It is his pleasure.