If you weren’t able to be at our Fall Gathering in late September, you can still enjoy the rich content that was shared in our worship time. We introduced our theme, “Following Jesus Far from Home: Living Counter-Culturally as Christian Women.”

Deb Mantel and Allie Milot lead us in songs of praise and reflection and introduced our theme song, Christ Is Mine Forevermore, by CityAlight. 

Listen as Anya Cobler shares her original poem reflecting on our theme, Letter to a daughter from exile. Its vivid imagery juxtaposes the harsh realities of life in this world with the deep desire for communion with the Lord—life lived far from home. 

Finally, Tammy Ause led us in a meditation challenging us to avoid trying to make this place of exile feel more like home. Using engaging stories from her own life, she encouraged us to own the tension of being an exile while living lives that point to our true homeland as pictured in the Lord’s Prayer and the institution of the Lord’s Supper from 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

You can listen to the entire worship time.

Images below, courtesy of Allie Milot.