Refections on our 2019 C3W Mini-Retreat at Knox…

C3W Mini-Retreat at Knox
Listen and Live: Promised Grace for Rebel Hearts
Teachings in Deuteronomy from The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference

January 25-26, 2019

Women gathered to hear how our faithful God, in His infinite mercy and grace, has called, established, governed, and blessed His people. They were encouraged to know that God is for us, has called us to be transformed in holiness to be like Him and establishes us in the midst of His people as His treasured possession! They met at Knox on Friday evening, January 25 and Saturday, January 26 to watch five rich teaching sessions followed by opportunity for deeper interaction and application as they broke into small groups for discussion.

I felt stirred to pursue loving God more and asking His help to do so with intensity.

The retreat was put together and run superbly. I loved going to Indiana and having that experience, but it was so nice to stay close to home, see the content and save the expense and travel/time. My complements to you ladies who put this together and did so much work to make it nice.

Great, solid teaching!!! Deuteronomy came ALIVE!

I thought a lot about how God is relational and loves to have fellowship with us. He created us to have fellowship with Him and He went to great lengths (even willing to sacrifice His one and only son, Jesus, to do this). We were created in God’s image and, we too, are relational. What an honor it is to have a relationship with God. I want to delight myself in Him. This retreat made me yearn to do that even more and fellowship with Him. It is a reciprocal / delighting relationship, which He initiated.