April 6, 2019

Surrounded by lovely spring decorations, our hostesses warmly welcomed around 150 girls and women to our 2019 Spring Brunch on Saturday, April 6. Knox Hall was abuzz with the sound of conversation as we enjoyed a delicious brunch of scones, fruit salad, roasted vegetable quiche and sausage links prepared by Angel Food Catering.



Children’s message

Ilene Lynn shared an engaging children’s message with our younger attendees inviting them (and all of us) to live lives of holiness as members of God’s very own family.



We were treated to the musical gifts of Natalie Hong on harp and Amy Smith singing “My Worth Is Not in What I Own”, accompanied by Lindsay Ma on violin and Tori Clark on piano.


Special music

“My Worth is Not in What I Own” written by Keith and Kristyn Getty, Graham Kendrick, sung by Amy Smith, accompanied by Lindsay Ma, violin, and Tori Clark, piano.




Message: “Re-Imaged in Christ – The Beauty of Obedience”

Our guest speaker, Connally Gilliam, led us in a meditation on our C3W theme, “Re-Imaged in Christ: A Holy Calling” by inviting us to consider the beauty of obedience. Against the background of the virgin Mary’s beautiful obedience in saying a resounding “Yes” to God when He called her to be the mother of the Savior, Connally wove stories from her own life where she had experienced this beautiful, though sometimes hard, obedience. She encouraged us to think about how Mary’s obedient “yes” had forever changed the world and how our obedience is likewise always significant as an instrument of God’s work in the world. She concluded by challenging us to enter in to this redemptive, beautiful obedience by saying our own “Yes” to God’s call to holiness as His beloved daughters who are being re-imaged in the likeness of Christ!