Recommended & in the Knox Library: “Called to be Saints:  An Invitation to Christian Maturity” by Gordon T. Smith

saintsEvangelicals are known for their emphasis on conversion. But what about lifeafter conversion and beyond justification? Desperately needed is a comprehensive theology of the Christian life from beginning to end, along with the means of formation and transformation. In Called to Be Saints, Gordon Smith draws on a distinguished lifetime of reflecting on these themes to offer us a theologically rich account of our participation in the life of Christ. Both profound and practical, this book is a trinitarian theology of holiness that encompasses both justification and sanctification, both union with Christ and communion with God. Smith unfolds how and why Christians are called to become wise people, do good work, love others and enjoy rightly ordered affections. If holiness is the ongoing journey of becoming mature in Christ, then there is no better guide than Smith. Christians in every walk of life will find this a rich resource for learning what it means to “grow up in every way . . . into Christ” (Ephesians 4:15).

2015 Christianity Today Award of Merit (Spirituality) 2014 Best Book of Spirituality―Academic, from Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds Bookstore.

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