Combined Adult Education Class

Our April adult education class will host four professors from Hillsdale College engaging us in a conversation about faith, culture, and politics.


Instead of our regular adult education offerings after the coffee hour in May, we’re going to have a 3-week conversation about Knox—where we are today and our confidence about the future God has for us.

The Unfolding Drama of Redemption

Do you feel like you know parts of the Bible but are not sure how it all fits together? Do you ever sense at times that your own efforts to live the Christian life lack a plot, a larger goal and purpose? Do you have a “big picture” but there are a few pieces you would like to fill in or would you simply like to go back and review again from the beginning? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, “The Unfolding Drama of Redemption” may be just the class for you.

Membership Inquiry Class

Does commitment to Christ require a commitment to His body as it is expressed here at Knox? An opportunity to become a member will be offered upon completion of this course.