Jesus for Doubters & Skeptics

However you characterize your relationship with Jesus—believer, doubter, or skeptic, there is one thing all of us have in common when it comes to Jesus—the outrageous claims that he makes about himself and his kingdom movement leave us all with doubts and questions. Join us for a fresh look at the intriguing and disturbing man from Nazareth for those who struggle and doubt.

Seeing Jesus in the Psalms

When you read, sing or pray the Psalms do you see Jesus in your devotion? The ancient church had a saying, “Always a Psalm in the mouth, always Christ in the heart.” When the Psalms are read in a Christ-centered way, they hold enormous power to shape and form us spiritually.

Owners, Servants, Stewards, Friends

Stewardship ≠ Giving. It has more to do with what we have to work with after our offerings than with the part we give away. Join us as we explore a deep theme in Scripture that makes sense of much in our life.

In the Beginning, God…

We will be taking a look at the major themes from the first 11 chapters of Genesis: Creation, Fall, Flood, Promises, Generations, Nations and more.