“12-Step Process of Growing in Christ”

This class is for anyone interested in learning more about how the 12-step program made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous can be helpful for any Christian in his or her process of sanctification. We will be using Celebrate Recovery materials which are biblical and Christ-centered.

“Chasing the Mirage”

We will examine how we use busyness, romance, parenting, technology, work, leisure, food, politics, and other areas of life to pursue the mirage of being “enough”.

“All of Grace”

Who initiates faith? Who sustains faith through the afflictions of this life? Who gets all the glory in salvation? This class will emphasize the priority of thinking biblically about doctrinal issues, especially those relating to these questions.

“Membership Inquiry” (class is full)

Does commitment to Christ require a commitment to His body as it is expressed here at Knox? An opportunity to become a member will be offered upon completion of this course.