“A Story Like No Other”

We take for granted what it means to live within a story—the gospel Story. That grand tale gives substance, narrative, & meaning to understanding the world and our place in it. In the first part of the class, we will briefly examine themes of redemption—and in the second half of the class, we will examine the idea of “story” using some well-known fictional works and consider their impact on how we understand the blessing of a larger story of the gospel.

“POSTURE SHIFT: A Missional Model for Including LGBTQ Persons”

Building on Messy Grace, last spring’s class, this class will serve as a next step in our conversation about the intersection of gospel, hospitality, and mission as we consider what it means to love and care for those who are very different from us. In this particular conversation, the focus will be on what it means to welcome and love those in the LGBTQ community (and what it doesn’t mean).

“Sacred Rhythms: Arranging our Lives for Spiritual Transformation”

Are you longing to understand and find soul-transforming time with the Lord? This class will help you explore the timeless truths of spiritual disciplines that Christians have used throughout history to grow closer to God. This video-based study, Sacred Rhythms: Arranging our Lives for Spiritual Transformation, by Ruth Haley Barton, takes you more deeply into understanding seven key disciplines along with practical ideas for weaving them into everyday life.