Seven Dangerous Books that Rocked the Church

Ever since the Ephesus book burning (Acts 19), the church has had an ambivalent relationship with secular books. This class will examine seven dangerous books from the second century to the twentieth, that have provoked a strongly negative reaction from the church.

The Sovereign God: Election, Mission, and Holiness

Election (if you even believe it’s true) is something that took place back in the mists of eternity. Evangelism and holiness are about the present. Sometimes the assumption then is that there is little or no connection between them. And then any connection between...

Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage / Relationship

Someone once nicknamed relationships as the mess worth making. While the primary relational lens for this class will be marriage (from newlyweds to oldly weds, good marriages and struggling ones), we all live in a web of relationships that can benefit from some biblical fine tuning.

Women’s Adult Christian Education Class

C3Women’s Ministry will be offering a study entitled “The Promised One – Seeing Jesus in Genesis” during the Christian Education hour, Oct. 8 – Dec. 17 in the Music Room.