Praying Church Meeting

Thomas Leonard will be sharing about his upcoming missionary journey at the next “Praying Church Meeting” on Wednesday, March 7th from 9:30-11:30 AM in the Lighthouse Room.

Mission trip to Haiti

A trip to Haiti is being planned for May 17-24. We will be staying at Imperial Valley’s Hope For Haiti.

Grow Your Vision

Have you read a good book on God’s global mission? Try one of these…

Grow Your Vision While You Run, Garden, or Drive

Download three great mission sermons: “The Mission – The Vision” by Dr. Richard Pratt (Knox – October 19, 2014) “Wherever You Go” by Jeff Liou (Knox – October 25, 2015) “The Trinity and Mission” by Michael Reeves...

Praying for God’s Mission

Praying for missionaries and the global advancement of the gospel isn’t always easy.  Sometimes we struggle to grasp the big reasons for praying.