“At the heart of the current moment lies a universal yearning, not to be happy or respected so much as enough—what religions call “righteous”. To fill the void left by religion, many look to all sorts of everyday activities—from eating and parenting to dating and voting—for the identity, purpose, and meaning once provided on Sunday morning. In our striving, we are chasing a sense of enoughness. But it remains ever out of reach, and the effort and anxiety are burning us out.” — David Zahl, Seculosity

Using his book and other sources we will examine how we use busyness, romance, parenting, technology, work, leisure, food, politics, and other areas of life to pursue the mirage of being “enough”. We will conclude with some conversation around the topics of worship, sabbath and hospitality and how a biblical, covenant community might just be a better path to fulfilling that universal yearning.

Teachers:  Mike Fike
Room:  Meadowview Room
Sundays:  January 12-April 5, 2020