Sabbath is far from a passive experience or requirement. It is God’s wise and wonderful gift to us. This is, instead, a time we set apart to rest from work, to worship God, to renew our spirit, and to be a blessing to others. Knowing how much people need rest in order to flourish, God not only created but also modeled a weekly time of Sabbath rest. Not everyone worships in exactly the same manner, so it is not surprising that we will vary greatly in how we partake of the Sabbath rest. What delights and restores your soul may be quite different from others. Take time to talk with your family members about activities that you could consider doing as part of your Sabbath together; find out what brings each member joy and discern what brings anxiety or would feel wearisome. For some families, it may be helpful to create a Sabbath jar filled with paper strips containing ideas of things to do (submitted by each family member); others prefer a open-ended day and feel constrained by too much planning.

This month we are focusing on CEASING. What are might we need to cease doing – both individually and as a family? While this question might elicit a very different response this year, it is a question that still has immense value for our faith walk. If you find yourself drifting away from intentional time with the Lord due to the comforts of home (snacks, technology, etc.), perhaps you could choose to spend some time outside with your family? Sometimes the very thing that keeps us from the blessings that the Sabbath offers are the unintended consequences of seemingly benign decisions.



We have created a primary craft and some additional options for your use in intentional Sabbath-ing, with this month’s focus on ceasing. Parents, you may choose to have your child(ren) do this/these while you engage in a quiet activity of your own…or as a creative family time together!

Sundays September 13th, 20th, and 27th, Kristen Meehan will be at the outdoor service with individually bagged crafts and extra art supplies for your use (near the northwest side of the upper parking lot).

If you are unable to come to outdoor worship and would still like these crafts – or just to talk and pray – please contact Kristen.