Recent Knox emails and videos have emphasized the importance of Community Groups (CGs), and with that, CG leadership. What does it mean to be a CG Leader? Here are a couple perspectives from Knox CG Leaders:

  • “Leading a community group has offered us the opportunity to know and be known, to dig deeper into God’s word and point each other to Jesus, and to bear the burdens of others while having our own burdens borne.”  Paul & Tracy Jewell
  • “Leading the group has not always been easy, but we’re always surprised how we walk away from meetings feeling blessed. Despite some differences of opinions on various topics, it’s been great to see how we’ve bonded with each other over time to the point where we now enjoy camping together every summer.  It’s also fun to see the 13 children in our group hanging together.”  Gail & David Blaauw 
Read Pastor Bryan’s letter to CG Leaders to get a fuller picture of “joining God as he transforms people’s lives in the context of a community that is increasingly being shaped by the gospel for God’s mission in the world.”  Might God be calling you to this adventure as a CG Leader?
Two opportunities to learn more about being a Knox CG Leader:
  1. Wednesday, Sept. 9, 7:30-8PM, Q&A about leading a CG (via Zoom).
  2. Saturday, Sept 19, 9-11AM, CG Leadership Training (via Zoom) for new and potential leaders; continuing leaders are very welcome!
Contact Pastor Tom or Eirini Zemke for details and/or to register.