Conflict of Interest – Annual Certification

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict exists when the best interests of the church may be influenced by a person’s own personal interests. Such conflicts present themselves on financial, employment, policy and other matters. Where an employee or any other person holding themselves out as an agent or representative of the church has a conflict, they are expected to acknowledge the conflict immediately and a conflict of interest plan be documented. In the case of members of Session having conflicts on specific matters, these must be acknowledged and the conflicted individual or individuals must excuse themselves on any matter or decision related to that conflict. No Session member shall participate or vote on a matter that could be perceived to benefit them financially or otherwise represent a conflict of interest.

I have carefully read the Conflict of Interest Policy above. In signing this certificate, I have considered not only the literal expression of the policy, but also its intents. To the best of my knowledge I hereby certify that, except for any exceptions noted, I do not have any interests conflicting with the interests of the church, nor do I have any relationship that may appear conflicting.

Exceptions are noted in the space below. If any situation should arise in the future which I believe may create an interest that is in conflict with the interests of the church, I will promptly and fully disclose the circumstances to the Senior Pastor and Clerk of the Session, directly or through my immediate superior.

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