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October Is Fire Safety Month
Sep 29, 2021
We want our Knox Family to be ready to respond appropriately in the event of a fire on Sunday morning. Below are the details of our emergency evacuation process.

We want our Knox Family to be ready to respond appropriately in the event of a fire emergency on Sunday morning.  Below are the details of our emergency evacuation process.  Contact Elder Marshal Mattson, if you have questions.

How will we know that we need to evacuate?
The Fire Alarm will sound. It is very loud and distinctive.  You won’t miss it.  Also, announcements will be made from the pulpit and/or over the PA system.

What should we do?
Exit the building from the nearest external door and move to the nearest Marshalling Area. If you exit through the main entrance under the canopy, use the left doors, because the Nursery and Toddler Classrooms will exit through the right door.

Who is in charge?
Initially, the Safety Team will oversee the evacuation, with Ushers and Elders guiding people toward appropriate exits and assisting those with mobility issues. Pastors will move to Marshalling Areas to maintain calm and offer assistance.  As soon as the fire alarm is activated, the fire department will be dispatched.  Upon their arrival the FIRE MARSHAL is in charge.

What about our children?
Children’s Ministry staff and Deacons will move your children safely out of the building. Procedures for this have been well thought-out and practiced.  They know what they are doing; please trust them.  Children will be taken to designated Marshalling Areas. After the all-clear signal is given, you will find them there. Do not try to leave with your children until they have been checked out on the teachers’ attendance sheet.

What shouldn’t we do?

  • Do not use the Atrium staircase or elevator when evacuating the building.
  • Do not go back into the building for any reason, even if you’ve left personal belongings.  If at all possible, these can be retrieved later.
  • Do not leave the property until the all-clear signal has been given.  First responders and emergency vehicles have priority and need clear access to all Knox driveways and parking lots.
  • Do not go to your children’s rooms.  They will be well cared for.  We know it’s counter intuitive, but having parents go to children’s classrooms actually hinders safe removal of children from the building.