Facilities Staff



Facilities Manager



Title – Facilities Manager

Description – Provide primary oversite for church buildings and grounds. Oversee the maintenance and custodial staff functions to enhance the physical structure.

Reports to / committee relationships – Operations Director 

Full or part-time – Part-time; 20 – 28 hours per week, non-exempt


Position responsibilities

  • Provide management, coordination and oversight of buildings and grounds
  • Problem-solve facility systems issues on a timely basis
  • On-call for security and emergency developments
  • Supervise custodial staff to ensure building cleanliness
  • Manage routine and preventative maintenance of all building systems; building envelope, interior building surfaces, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, water supply, septic, fire and sprinklers, building security and camera systems
  • Manage routine year-round maintenance of lawn, landscape, parking lots and lighting.  
  • Approve and manage user access to keys, keycards and security system codes
  • Negotiate and execute contracts with various vendors for goods and services
  • Maintain detail of the detailed asset replacement document
  • Support ministries to provide needed facility functionality for all events
  • Prepare annual facilities budget and monitor its use through the year
  • Prepare the monthly Building & Grounds Committee meeting agenda
  • Acquire supplies for all building related activities
  • Maintain vendor insurance certificates
  • Coordinate with technology and audio-visual needs to integrate with building systems
  • Plan and coordinate all annual inspections
  • Oversee the building and grounds aspects for weddings and funerals 

Professional qualifications

  • Ability to engage with others respectfully, professionally and collaboratively
  • Motivated, self-starter with a minimum of four years’ relevant experience
  • Work independently, with the ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Working knowledge of building systems operation and interconnection
  • Able to read and maintain blue prints for the building and all of its systems

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Verna Hinman, Office Manager