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Fall Preview
Knox Christian Education starting September 19th.

You Belong in the Family of God: A Year of Gospel Hospitality

The Knox community has gathered in many ways over the last few months, from worship services and picnics to the ice cream social and annual camping trip. Hasn’t it been delightful to be together? God has always provided ways for His people to come together and encourage one another, whether in exile, famine, persecution, and even pandemics.

Our own historical moment provides an especially rich opportunity to consider gospel-centered hospitality, the theme for our church life this year. At a time when many of us have experienced isolation and perhaps even alienation, the belonging that we receive in Christ comes as a strikingly beautiful gift. As followers of Jesus, we’re called to extend that same welcome to others, inviting them into the family of God. Rooted in Pastor Bryan’s sermon series from the book of John, the year ahead will focus on biblical hospitality. We’ll consider gospel-centered hospitality across different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities, from our corporate church life to individual relationships.

Here’s what you can anticipate this fall in Knox Christian Education starting Sunday, September 19th (Sundays 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.):


  • Children’s Ministry: welcoming care for our littlest ones in the Early Childhood wing, as well as Christian Education classes for children PreK-6th grade
  • Youth Ministry: Christian Education classes for grades 7-12, aligned with the theme of biblical hospitality
  • Adult Education: a church-wide class titled “The Gospel’s Call to Hospitality Across Cultures,” led by a teaching team, with extensive Bible study and testimonies from members of the Knox community