May 17, 2015 ”Five Roles of the Holy Spirit” is part 3 in the series on the Holy Spirit.

Five Roles of the Holy Spirit

These roles are part of a Farewell message Jesus shared to His anxious disciples who feared the imminent loss of Him, their physical companion and guide. The future was an unknown page for them, since these passages indicate that the coming times would be traumatic  and that in such times the disciples would need the truthful and authentic Spirit to guide them through their forthcoming “whitewater adventure”.  It is in this combination of farewell and hope of guidance that we, today, can find these passages to be of great significance and encouragement (and yes, challenging) for us.

A challenge from this sermon, since we are teaching not just for information, but for transformation by the Holy Spirit: practical application questions from these five roles of the Holy Spirit.

As a result of this promised Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Himself, Christians now, remarkable though it may seem, are in a better situation even than the followers of Jesus during his lifetime. 
– from “John for Everyone, Part 2: Chapters 11-21”, by Tom Wright, p.63

May 17, 2015
Pastor Tom Robinson
John 16:1-12, John 14:15-18, 25-26