March 8, 2015 “Giving vs. Losing Your Life” is part 8 in the series on Busyness.

When a high school graduate was asked what advice he’d give to an incoming freshman, he said, “Just knuckle down and get through it.” Isn’t it a pity that high school years have become so busy and stressful for students that the best they can hope for is to just “get through it”? Isn’t it a pity that so many of us live the entirety of our lives just trying to “get through it”? We feel pressured, used, taken advantage of, victimized. We feel like we lost our life somewhere, somehow. Someone took it. We resent it.

As Jesus stared down the imminent rejection of the world and the wrath of God on the Cross, is there anyone who would be more justified in feeling pressured and victimized? More justified in trying to just “get through it”? Yet, amazingly, he doesn’t. There’s a vibrant intentionality and wholeheartedness to Jesus even as he heads resolutely to the Cross. How did He get there? How do we get there, whatever it is in life that we face?

Key Quotes and References:
Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks was asked, “Why did you sit down at the front of the bus that day?” “She said, ‘I sat down because I was tired.’ But she did not mean that her feet were tired. She meant that her soul was tired, her heart was tired, her whole being was tired of playing by racist rules…. Rosa Parks sat down because she had reached a point where it was essential to embrace her true vocation—not as someone who would reshape our society but as someone who would live out her full self in the world. She decided, ‘I will no longer act on the outside in a way that contradicts the truth that I hold deeply on the inside.’” (Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak, p. 32-33)

Giving vs. Losing Your Life

March 8, 2015
Pastor Chuck Jacob
John 10:11-18