We are grateful for the building we worship in. We appreciate those who contributed financially and we are especially thankful to God for his generosity. Consequently, we are aware of our need to be good stewards of this gift and to make it available for the purposes for which it was built.

Knox Building Use Guidelines

  1. Typical uses of our building are worship and / or teaching in nature. Groups using the facility are not-for-profit. We do not schedule for-profit events or programs.
  2. We give preference to uses that advance our Christian beliefs and mission. Secondarily, we make our facilities available for uses like music and the arts that are consistent with our vision of human flourishing and that are not inconsistent with our vision of God’s purposes for his creation.
  3. Knox members may reserve rooms for private events, such as: anniversary, birthday, graduation or retirement celebrations, as well as wedding or baby showers.
  4. In order to responsibly shepherd our resources, we ask individuals and guest groups to pay a fee proportionate to the amount of space used. This helps us cover our operating costs.

To discuss scheduling contact Verna Hinman, Office Manager, at 734-761-5669 x.204.
Knox Ministry Leaders and existing guest groups are invited to submit a room request form. We will reply to your request as soon as possible.