As a “Presbyterian” church, our congregation is led by a council of elders and pastors we call “the Session.” In fact, the word “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word presbyteros, which means “elder.” Elders at Knox are elected by the congregation for a 3-year term of service on the Session. Once they are ordained as elders, they remain lifelong elders of the church, even if they don’t presently serve on Session.

Like Jesus, the elders come not to be served but to serve (Matthew 20:28). Together with the pastors, the elders have responsibility for shepherding the church’s corporate worship, mission, life, teaching, finances, and policies and practices. They oversee the staff. They also provide spiritual shepherding and pastoral care for the individuals and families of our church.

The elders would be delighted to answer questions you may have about specific ministries or broader questions about our church’s beliefs and life together. Please email David Lemmerhirt, the Clerk of Session, to be connected to any of the elders, individually or collectively.

Elder Bill Painter

Bob Ause, Jr.

Elder Bill Painter

Sara Chang

Elder Bill Painter

Tom Crane

Elder Jon Eliason


Elder Mike Fike

Mike Fike

Elder Bill Kerschbaum

Bill Kerschbaum

Elder David Lemmerhirt

David Lemmerhirt

Elder Marshal Mattson

Marshal Mattson

Elder James Paternoster

James Paternoster

Elder Edy Sulimin

Edy Sulimin

Elder Phil Wong

Steve Telian

Elder Phil Wong

David Thompson

Elder Phil Wong

Steve Wampler