Ann Arbor.

What words come to mind when you think of our city? Artsy, educated, hip, techie, entrepreneurial, green, cool? It’s a granola kind of town, to be sure, with a celebrated history of football at its core. Over 25 years ago, Knox began with a vision to see the good news of Jesus make a difference in this remarkable university community. While our members come from across the Greater Ann Arbor region, we’re gathered together as God’s people, committed to this place.

To bring to Ann Arbor
A foretaste of God’s new world
Through a Jesus-led,
Gospel-centered community
Called to bring personal transformation,
Social justice and cultural renewal
To this university town and to the world.

If this vision of gospel transformation grabs your heart and mind, consider joining us as we bring the good news of Jesus to Ann Arbor and beyond.