When Knox began over twenty five years ago, meeting at Tappan Middle School, together we decided that the central question isn’t, “How does God fit in the story of my life?” Rather, the central question is “How does my life fit into the great story of God’s mission?” We’ve been trying to work out the answer to that question ever since. That’s our life at Knox.

Rapid growth in the congregation over a relatively short period of time was encouraging and challenging – encouraging to see others join us in pursuing the answer to that central question; challenging that as a relatively new church we had to consider the question of building a campus to accommodate our growing church family.

January 2000, we moved to our present campus on Wagner Road as we outgrew the space at Tappan.  Since then, as a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we continue to follow Jesus in the grand Kingdom movement he began 2,000 years ago which has now gone global to every nation. It’s a whole new way of looking at the world; it’s a whole new way of doing life. The God we serve and the good news we announce are simply too great and too amazing to reduce to the boundaries of our own separate, personal stories or even Knox’s story. Jesus announces that, by his coming, the world-changing rule of God has broken into the middle of history – not just to make our lives better but to make all things new. Then he says, “Follow me.”