Why an adoption fund?

Adoption can be expensive, beyond the reach of many who would gladly open their home to orphaned children. So Knox members share in the expense and the joy of seeing families united through adoption. The Knox adoption fund helps Knox members care for orphans by providing financial support to adoptive families. Read the story of a Knox family who was helped by the adoption fund. Families considering adoption are supported in ways that help them step out in faith for the sake of orphans. Those who give to and administer the fund share in the blessing of seeing children brought into safe, loving, families in the name of our Lord.

Giving to the adoption fund

Giving may be done through Sunday offerings (designate “Adoption Fund” on your check) or giving online. This is an ongoing fund, with gifts collected throughout the year and disbursed in January. All designated funds go directly to cover the expenses of adoptive families. Funds may not be earmarked for a particular family. For more information about how to give to the adoption fund, email Betty Clark, the Knox accountant.

Applying for the adoption fund

group welcoming baby homeMarried Knox members who have submitted an adoption application with a licensed agency may apply for assistance from the Adoption Fund, as noted in Knox Presbyterian Church’s Adoption Fund Policy. Applications are due by the end of September.

After the application: After reviewing the application, deacons arrange for a meeting between the couple and a Knox representative (a deacon, elder, member of OAK ministry team). The purpose of the meeting is to get to know and pray for the parents and introduce them to other adoptive families at Knox for support.

Process of disbursement: At the end of the calendar year, the deacons gather applications and compute gift amounts based on adoption cost and family income. Funds are disbursed on behalf of the applicants as soon as possible in the following calendar year. Ordinarily, funds are paid for specific expenses, often directly to the adoption agency. The maximum adoption grant is $5,000 for each adoption.

Other help for funding adoptions:

Check out the recommended adoption resources in the Knox Library and online.