Christian Education

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

elementary age kids during Christian education classWe live in a Grand Narrative: God creates, saves, and redeems His world. To learn this Grand Narrative, as told in the Bible, is critical for understanding who we are and what we’re made for. Teaching this story is what we aspire to in children’s Christian Education classes.


The curriculum used in our PreK-4th grade classes is Dwell, published by Faith Alive, Christian Reformed Church Publications. Learn more about Dwell’s program’s goals and philosophy, specific units covered by different age groups including memory verses and songs taught along the way. You will note when looking at the scope and sequence that the curriculum is divided into Year 1 and Year 2. Year 1 lessons are taught during school years beginning with odd numbers and Year 2 lessons during school years beginning with even numbers.

Here is a list of how our classes match up with the Dwell levels:

Pre-K/Kindergarten = Imagine
1st/2nd Grade = Wonder
3rd and 4th Grade = Marvel

Come further in to THE story with us!

kindergartners eating at a table