Calling all mothers and mothers-to-be!

Recounting God’s Faithfulness: Parenting from the Sufficiency of Christ

In this ongoing season of uncertainty, our focus at MTB this year will be on the unchanging faithfulness of God. We have titled our topic, “Recounting God’s Faithfulness: Parenting from the Sufficiency of Christ.” We plan to examine truths about God’s faithfulness to his people in scripture, explore how the certainty of that faithfulness impacts our approach to parenting, and receive encouragement from the periodic in-person and video teaching of several veteran MTB teachers and moms who can testify to the faithfulness of God through all different phases of the parenting journey.

As always, this group has a unique cross-section of women who participate (working moms and stay-at-home moms; moms with newborns, tots, school-aged children and out of the nest; Knox attenders, believers from the community, and those who are wondering why following Jesus matters in mothering at all; etc.). As a reminder and an invitation, this group is first and foremost formed around our deep need of Jesus and our shared experience as mothers. We want that to be our focus – not any differences between us. We pray you will find a depth of honesty and fellowship and a generous amount of grace as we walk together.

Please note: While we anticipate our primary mode of meeting will be on Thursday mornings at Knox, we are actively seeking feedback to accommodate women who wish to meet but cannot join us on Thursday mornings. If you fall into this category, please fill out the registration/survey to let us know! Also, we recognize that the COVID situation is fluctuating. We will be in touch by Tuesday of each week to describe the “house rules” for meeting in person that week. Please recognize that we will need to extend and receive grace as these dynamics change, and our format may look creative to facilitate gathering in one spot. 

Led by the MTB Teaching Team – Valerie Johnson, Erin Telian, & Heidi Lemmerhirt
(With cameo testimony appearances by veteran MTB teachers and members!)
Thursday Mornings, 9:15-11:30am
September 23, 2021 – May 2022
Garden Room at Knox