Community groups are a way to engage in Gospel-centered community as we study God’s Word, worship, pray, serve and seek to live out a God-honoring, neighbor-loving life together.

Paternoster Small Group Knox has many different types of community groups. Some are homogeneous and specific to a particular stage of life, gender or interest. Others are mixed. Some Men’s and Women’s Ministry Bible study groups also function as community groups, and our high school youth are involved in their own community groups led by adult volunteers. If you are not currently in a community group at Knox, we encourage you to join one!


How to join a community group

There are different ways to join a community group:

  • Fill out a community group request form. You will be contacted by a member of the Community Group Coordination team.
  • Attend a “Community Group Forum” to connect with community groups that are welcoming new members.
  • Start a community group organically as you meet people you want to grow with. Some community groups form out of the New Members class.