Greetings to you in Christ,

Small Groups have always been a part of the life of Knox but in 2019/2020 there has been a lot of work to re-envision them to the point of renaming them Community Groups, which we believe gives more of a picture & heart of what we want them to become. Community groups are a way to engage in Gospel-centered community as we study God’s Word, worship, pray, serve and seek to live out a God-honoring, neighbor-loving life together.


We see Community Groups as being able to embody gospel rhythms and in so doing display the gospel in very practical and compelling ways. Community Groups are viewed as one of the primary engines to help us live into the vision of our church. Because of the nature of Community Groups (their small size, regular meetings in which Scripture, prayer requests, and fellowship are shared), they offer a unique context for people to live in community that’s quite different from corporate worship, individual or family devotions. 

Imagine yourself being part of a Community Group and life happens: the anticipation of a wonderful event; a prolonged season of suffering, or a sudden loss and the aftermath of dealing with it. Imagine working through those times in community?! Burdens feel lighter as they are shared. Joys feel bigger because your community walked with you through the valleys. And your vision and experience of God grows as you see him intervene in the lives of those around you. These regular encounters grow deeper and more meaningful over time, and that is a compelling reason for participating in Community Group life. 

CGs are committed to embodying the gospel in their relationships with one another. They are also bound together over a shared commitment to God’s mission in the world. They are engaged in a mission of hospitality, adopting the mindset that they exist as a group to attract and invite others, including non-Christians, into their community so that they can taste the reality of God among them.


For more information on joining a Knox Community Group:

There are different ways to join a community group:

  • Fill out a Community Group request form. You will be contacted by a member of the Community Group Leadership Team.
  • Ask to visit the group of a friend to see what it’s like and decide if you would join it long term.
  • Consider starting a new group, especially if you have colleagues or friends you would like to discuss your faith with. If that is you, we (the Community Group Leadership Team) are thrilled and are committed to supporting you. Start by contacting Eirini Zemke to learn about the training and support available to you.