c3-womenGatherings are designed by women, for women, to develop relationships beyond a Sunday morning greeting and to spend time together worshiping the Lord.


Friday Night Gatherings

These are C3 Women’s worship and coffeehouse events. We begin with a rich time of worship through song, prayer and Bible reflection centered on this year’s theme: “Seated Together with Christ.”  Worship is followed by a time of fellowship around coffee, dessert and meaningful conversation. Soft lighting and seasonal decorations transform the atrium into a lovely and relaxing coffeehouse atmosphere.

This is a warm, relaxed evening that includes:

  • beautiful music
  • encouragement
  • opportunity for intercessory prayer
  • time to visit with others

Grab a friend and join us!

Contact Jennifer Donovan for more information.


Cozy Gatherings

Cozy Gatherings are small gatherings of 6-8 women designed to deepen our relationship with Jesus, develop flourishing friendships, and explore God’s calling on our lives. Cozy Gatherings invite women to share food and conversation in a warm and welcoming environment where honest dialogue will encourage us to follow Christ.

Contact Jennifer Donovan for more information.


Mini Gatherings

Mini Gatherings are groups of 3-4 women gathered in local coffee shops and restaurants to get to know each other and engage in a mini Bible study. Women sign up for these according to their availability (weekday, weeknight, weekend) and are placed in groups and connected via email. They choose a time and location to meet for conversation and a mini Bible study provided by C3 Women.

Contact Jennifer Donovan for more information.



Gatherings are for your neighbor who needs someone to reach out to her in friendship. Gatherings are for you when you need refreshing at the end of a busy week. Gatherings are for all women who want to worship the Lord and share the love of Christ.

Check the Women’s Events listing to find the next gathering.


Bring a Friend. Make a Friend. Be a Friend.