C3W Past Talks

Enjoy listening to an archived talk from C3Women’s events.


C3W 2019 Advent Gathering

December 6, 2019 We had a beautiful evening filled with rich worship, warm fellowship, delicious catered desserts and fun holiday crafts. Our speaker, Connally Gilliam, encouraged and challenged us with her meditation, “Real and Redemptive Friendships in the Kingdom of God.” Anya Cobler shared an original poem entitled Prayer. Special thanks to Tori Clark and Amy Smith who led us in wonderful worship music and to Dave Koller who faithfully works to meet all our tech needs!

C3W 2019 Fall Gathering

September 27, 2019 If you weren’t able to be at our Fall Gathering in late September, you can still enjoy the rich content that was shared in our worship time. We introduced our theme, “Following Jesus Far from Home: Living Counter-Culturally as Christian Women.”

C3Women’s 2018 Advent Gathering

November 30, 2018 Ponder the miracle of Christmas—that God Himself became flesh and dwelt among us so that we could be “Invited into God’s Holy Family.” Valerie Johnson helped us consider this amazing truth.


September 28, 2018 We kicked off our 2018/2019 C3Women’s ministry year at our Fall Gathering in October. Using Scripture and personal stories, Gail Blauuw and Tracy Jewell introduced our theme, “Re-Imaged in Christ: A Holy Calling.”

“The Grace of The Incarnate Son”

November 30, 2017 “The Grace of The Incarnate Son” talks at C3Women’s Advent Gathering.

Listen as Jessica Cropsey, Gwyneth Bailey, and Kristin Wong explore the arc of grace expressed in Philippians 2:5-11. As they share from their life experiences, you’ll see Jesus’ glorified in His humiliation and exaltation as He leaves behind the glories of heaven to be our Emmanuel!


“The Grace of a Holy God”

October 13, 2017 “The Grace of a Holy God” talk at C3Women’s Fall Gathering.

Listen as Jennifer Donovan introduces our “grace” theme by weaving together the profound experience of viewing last year’s total eclipse with ideas about the holiness of God and how in Jesus God’s just wrath against our sin is eclipsed so that we are not consumed by the pure fire of His holiness.


“Seated with Christ”

Mar 25, 2017 “Seated with Christ” talk at C3Women’s Spring Tea. Our guest speaker, author and former Knox member, Heather Holleman, shares stories and insights from her book, Seated with Christ, and challenges us to consider the implications of Ephesians 2:1-10—to live as daughters of the King, seated at His royal table.



Some favorite shared stories from past Women’s getREAL events. Enjoy listening to a talk or download a talk to listen to later.

getREAL: “God is Good”

Nov 14, 2008 “God is Good” talk at getREAL from Kathy Fiedler.  Kathy tells a story of God’s faithfulness through an injury, three years in a wheel chair, and finally walking again.

getREAL: “Hope”

Nov 9, 2007 “Hope” talk at getREAL from Becky Ridenour.  Becky talks about a new view of heaven with the death of her 10 year old son.