To that end, the ministry provides a variety of resources, including mentorship (couples encouraging other couples, both premarital and marital), small group experiences, marriage retreats and classes on marriage and family life. We make these resources available to both Knox families and the community.

Investment in marriage and family should feel like a normal activity for all couples – our Marriage and Family Ministry seeks to create this environment. So often, couples go into marriage thinking the strength of their love for one another will make everything perfect. But no person or marriage is perfect. Real life and real struggles emerge, and maintaining a strong, healthy relationship takes work.

Reaching out for help and guidance can sometimes be a difficult decision.

  • Maybe you’ve never seen what a healthy, growing marriage looks like. You know something is wrong, but you don’t know where to start.
  • Do you ever feel like you’re the only one – the only couple struggling? The truth is, every marriage and family struggles in some way.
  • Are you worried or embarrassed by what people would think? Again, every marriage and family has issues.
  • Why do I need to invest more time in my marriage and family when things are just fine?

Whether our struggles are minor or major, we can all benefit from some guidance to stay invested in our marriages and families, and to keep those relationships strong and healthy. The Marriage and Family Ministry at Knox is here to help you grapple with these issues and work towards a healthy, Gospel-centered marriage and family life.

For more information on marriage and family life, as well as premarital counseling, email Pastor Tom Robinson.