The Church’s Response to the University

Too often, the church’s response to the modern university is either to ignore it or feel alienated from it. But what if we began to think of these great centers of learning in missional terms, not simply in educational terms?

The World Comes Through the University

People pass through universities. Quite literally, the world passes through universities. Universities recruit the best and brightest young men and women from across the globe. Their faculties shape the minds of students, who graduate hoping to make the world a different place.

The University Shapes Our Culture

It is difficult to estimate the powerful role the modern university has in forming culture through intellectual activity. Much of the form and direction of American life comes from the influence of our university communities.

What kind of missional response is required of the Church? How do we reach the modern college campus?

Knox Seeks to Be a Church for the University

We seek to be a church for the campus and for the university as an institution – a church where faculty, administrators and students are equipped to be strategic ambassadors of the kingdom of God to the campuses they serve.

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Knox has active Undergraduate and Graduate student groups. We would love to have you join us!

Our pastor for university ministry, Josh Boehr, is always glad to catch up with you on campus for conversation over coffee or a meal.

We also have several members who serve the University of Michigan campus full-time through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and CRU. These Campus Ministers are also available to address your needs or concerns about university life.