There aren’t any invitations more winsome than these words from Jesus. We live with more and more stress and pressure. We live with less and less margin for error. Second chances seem to be getting rarer. Can Jesus really be “gentle and humble of heart?” Can He really be offering real rest? Yes and yes.

At Knox, we try to be as “up front” and accessible as possible – a “what you see is what you get” community. We try to take Jesus seriously, not ourselves. But that’s a process. When you visit our church, there are no cover charges, secret handshakes, or pressures. No roving salesmen. No embarrassing you publicly. We’d love to shake your hand and make your acquaintance. But if you prefer anonymity, we’re large enough (600+ attendees per Sunday) that you can slip in and out with little notice. People here wear everything from shorts to suits (and everything in between). You can arrive late and leave early. And we have wonderful people and facilities for your children. Please come.