June 5, 2016 ”How Many Times Am I to Forgive?” is part 10 in the series on Bible Questions.

Jesus provided the way and the model for humility and forgiveness. Jesus instructs us to forgive others over and over again—just like he does for us. His example is one we can follow daily, because parents, siblings, teachers, friends and loved ones will make mistakes that affect us.

That is why forgiveness is so important!! We are all going to be hurt by others, not necessarily intentionally, but because we are sinners, so we need to learn to forgive. And we are going to hurt others, so it is important that we learn to humbly ask for forgiveness.

Focus on 3 key words:

  1. QUESTION: How many times am I to forgive?? It is legitimate to ask good questions. [Matt 18:21-22]
  2. REMEMBER: How much we have been forgiven. [Matt 18:23-27]
  3. CHOICE: We each have a choice to make [Matt 18:28-35]

Yes, forgiveness is costly, but not forgiving is more costly. Hear more about this important topic in this sermon on Matthew 18:21-35.

“How Many Times Am I to Forgive?”

June 5, 2016
Pastor Tom Robinson
Matthew 18:21-35