We will be taking a look at the major themes from the first 11 chapters of Genesis: Creation, Fall, Flood, Promises, Generations, Nations and more.

“If we take the Bible in its canonical wholeness, as we must, then it is best understood as history. It is universal, cosmic history. It interprets the entire story of all things from creation to consummation, and the story of the human race within creation, and within the human race the story of the people called by God to be the bearers of the meaning of the whole, and—at the very center—the story of the One in whom God’s purpose was decisively revealed by being decisively effected. It is obviously a different story from the stories that the world tells about itself.” Lesslie Newbiggin

Let’s explore the beginning of that story together.

Teachers: Mike Fike
Room: Harvest Room (lower level)