knox2Next year you will be at the top of the class within NorthStar. That gives you a chance to follow Jesus’ example, to use your “higher” position to give special thought to those coming behind you.

Soooo, we’d like to invite you to consider becoming a part of NorthStar’s 6th grade leadership team, called Polaris. This is a great opportunity to grow in the art and joy of serving others.

We’re looking for a group of about 8-10 kids who are ready to take the lead among their peers in some specific ways:

  1. Come to CE class with eyes open to welcome others, especially newcomers or those feeling on the “outside” of the group.
  2. Exhibit leadership within the class lessons – be ready to assist in small group and large group discussions.
  3. Help plan and promote activities outside of class (3-4 per year).
  4. Attend leadership meetings (approximately every-other month).

If you would like to serve in this way, please fill out the Polaris application by Sunday, September 27th. After receiving your application, we’ll be in touch soon if we have any questions for you and to let you know the date of our first Polaris meeting. Talk with your parents, and to the Lord, about whether this would be a good way for you to get involved this upcoming year. It could be one of the ways you grow as a good “God reflector”, as Mrs. Donovan would say.