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Indoor Worship - 9:30 AM

Please read the procedures prior to signing up to attend (updated 12/16/20).

Indoor Worship Procedures


Greet or usher

Important Knox Parking Information

When you arrive at Knox Church you’ll notice that areas of both the lower and upper parking lots, and some sidewalks are roped-off (yellow rope with yellow flags) to prevent people from parking or walking in these areas. Because activities at Knox are currently limited, there is reduced need for parking spaces. In order to reduce snow and ice removal expenses, Knox will not provide winter care for these restricted areas. For your safety please do not attempt to park or walk in these areas.  

Thank you for your assistance in both reducing ice and snow removal expenses, and in keeping everyone safe from slip and fall injuries.

Knox Building & Grounds


(Printed bulletins are available in the Worship Center, if you’d like to print your own copy you can download it here. The service order will also be projected on the screens.)



We encourage you to submit your tithes and offerings either online, via the Knox app, by placing it in the receptacles located by each entrance to the Worship Center, or by mailing your check to the Knox Office (2065 S. Wagner Rd, A2 48103).