When do we meet? 
Sunday, February 10th, 4:00 PM

Who is this for? 
Every adult—members, regular attenders, visitors checking out Knox—everyone.

What do we do there?
This is a “family meeting”. We hear from our pastors, elders and committee chairs about important business items such as, “Did we meet our financial goals last year?”, “What is the proposed budget for this year?”, “Where are we committing our Missions giving?”, “What other matters has our leadership engaged?”. If it has to do with finances, leadership or significant logistical issues, it will be touched upon.

Why should I attend?
If you are a member of the church, you will vote on our budget and elect officers (elders and deacons) as well as our 2018\9 Nominating Committee. If you are not a member, this is an opportunity to get “in the know” about what goes on here, and see how we come together as a church family to make decisions.

How do I get information ahead of time?
Sensitive information is emailed to members and regular attenders. Public information is posted on our website. Please look for that in the coming weeks.

Childcare is available for those aged nursery through 5 yrs. Please register your child/ren so we can provide plenty of caregivers. Questions about childcare? Contact Julie Kanzelmeyer.