October 8 – December 17, 2017
Adult Christian Education Class

Whether you want to enrich and strengthen your marriage/relationships or find hope for a troubled or broken one, H&S offers encouragement to all of us as we pursue relationships in the way God intended. Rather than glossing over marital issues with marriage management skills, this course exposes the motivations of our hearts that sabotage any hope for genuine intimacy. Although the primary focus is on marriage, the principles apply to all relationships (single, dating, divorced).

A course book will be available for $15 and is strongly recommended for each person. Please complete our “getting to know you” survey in preparation for the class.

Note: Alumni are welcome to join us again for further insight and discussion whether all lessons or specific ones. This is also open to the community.

Teachers: Pastor Tom Robinson, Ruth Ann Robinson, Bob & Tammy Ause, Lewis & Betty Clark, Andy & Lisa Johnson
Location: Harvest Room
Schedule: Word or pdf