Who may have a building key card and how does after hours entry work?


Leaders whose ministry requires access to the building may have a key card. Applications are available in a Workroom slot box. A $5 fee is requested for replacement purposes. Individuals will be required to choose a four digit code. If you forget your access code, contact Kevin Smith. Individuals no longer in leadership are asked to return their key card and the $5 is refunded.

Access to the building is accomplished through the lower level office entry.

  • Swipe the outside, wall-mounted card reader one time and the door can be opened. Swipe three times and the door will remain unlocked.
  • Once inside you must enter your four digit access code and the number “1” on the key pad. The building alarm will be disarmed. Write your name and the name of your group on the white board. Erase when you leave.

If you are the last to leave the building, make sure all lights are off and the door is locked. If it is not, swipe the outside card reader three times; enter your four digit access code and the number “2.” The building alarm will be armed.

Email: Kevin Smith, Facilities Manager