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Could prayer be more than
…a formula or ritual of words?
…a way to get things from God?
…a now and then activity?
… a duty?

Could prayer be the language of a LOVE RELATIONSHIP?

Could prayer be exciting, intimate, and joyful?

Take a 40-day journey that will change your prayer life forever! Love to Pray is all about loving the one to whom you pray and learning to express that love in a continuing dialogue with God. This groundbreaking 40-day devotional will help you discover how to become “devoted” to prayer as a way of life rather than as a duty.

“We pray, God listens; God speaks, we listen. Simple, yet so complicated, complex, yet so simple. God is in the business of changing lives, I am so grateful that He has changed mine through this book.” — Danell Czarnecki, CrossPoint Church

Love to Pray lives up to its title. People love to do the things they know how to do. Here is a practical way to teach you to pray while you are praying through this devotional. This is truly a unique tool.” – David Butts, Chairman America’s National Prayer Committee.

About the Author
Dr. Alvin VanderGriend has been a pastor, a teacher and a church executive and has authored multiple books on prayer. He co-founded the Denominational Prayer Leader’s Network, serves on America’s National Prayer Committee and is a prayer evangelism associate at Harvest Prayer Ministries.

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