Written and facilitated by Lewis Clark

When it comes to sin, vices, and negative character traits, Christian men tend to think largely in terms of the greater sins that are prominent in scripture. When we occasionally take time to weigh them, we often consider only their most broad and severe form, thereby easily dismissing the effect they have on our lives. But what about the many “shades” of less obvious, yet still ensnaring sins? And what is there in our minds, hearts, and deep-rooted behaviors that often keep us from joyfully pursuing and embracing the Christlike attributes that God calls us to?

In Shades of Adam, we will study what is revealed to us in scripture about the roots of sin with Adam and Eve in The Garden, the myriad and often subtle ways that original sin is manifested in our lives, and the importance of looking deeply inward at how sin plagues each of us today. In addition, we will also rejoice in learning how God wants to change and sanctify us, how spiritual growth awaits us, and how He has made us Men of God through the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The study will include large group teaching and discussion, small group interaction, and time for personal introspection. Week by week men will use class materials to build a personal study guide.


  • When: Wednesdays from September 20–December 6, 2017, 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Where: Harvest Room (lower level).
  • Cost: $20 to cover study materials and refreshments (scholarships are available)
  • Questions?: Contact Lewis Clark for more information.