What can we learn today from a man who inspired others well over three hundred years ago?

“The Practice of the Presence of God” is a compilation of letters and records of conversations with 17th-century Carmelite monk Brother Lawrence compiled by his contemporary, Father Joseph de Beaufort. An influential work of Christian spirituality “The Practice” describes his focus on seeing the love of God, his presence, in all aspects of daily life. Also included in this book is “The Spiritual Maxims”, a collection of thoughts intended to give daily inspiration and guidance towards living a more spiritual life.

 Through Brother Lawrence, a humble man who spent much of his time in the kitchen, the secrets of moment-by-moment fellowship with God are revealed. Full of honest simplicity, he shows that it’s possible to meet God among the pots and pans – in the ordinary events of life. As a young man, Brother Lawrence (1611-1691) fought in the Thirty Years’ War before joining the Carmelite order.

 In the words of this humble man of great faith, “we must trust God once and for all and abandon ourselves to Him alone.” This difficult task necessarily requires perseverance and continual conversation with God in all activities great and small: “speaking humbly and talking lovingly with Him at all times, at every moment, without rule or system…” In reading these conversations, letters, and spiritual maxims, we learn the key to endless joy.


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