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Moms Together
Come join us at Moms Together as we strive to attain a deeper knowledge of Christ, His grace, His promises, His provisions and His commandments in the context of family life. ALL mothers are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Calling all women!

Gospel Momentum: Studying the Book of Acts

Thursday Mornings, 9:15-11:30 AM
September 15, 2022 – May 2023
Garden Room at Knox
Virtual group(s) offered as well at mutually agreed-upon time(s).

When Jesus sends the promised Holy Spirit to His disciples, He empowers them to spread the gospel from Jerusalem and Judea to the ends of the earth. By the end of the book of Acts, we see that no one is beyond the reach of God’s salvation. And we learn that even the most devastating forms of opposition and hardship cannot stop (and instead mysteriously advance) the growth of the early church. Come and be recharged by this same ongoing ministry of Jesus through the Spirit, whether you’re experiencing the ups and downs of parenting, struggling to recognize and join in God’s redemptive work in this world, or wondering whether God’s grace extends to you.

The Moms Together group invites women in all life stages to participate as we share experiences with and consider applications for parenting, among our other callings. Each week a member of the Teaching Team will present a brief lecture, followed by discussion and prayer in table groups. No weekly advance preparation is expected.


Teaching Team: Heidi Lemmerhirt, Valerie Johnson, Erin Telian, Tracy Jewell
Childcare: Available for infants through age 5
Contact: Heidi Lemmerhirt