Who are we at Moms, Tots, and Beyond?

We are a community of mothers (those with tots and those whose children are beyond the tot age) who gather once a week to encourage one another—first as daughters of God, then also as mothers. We worship, we study scripture, and we pray for one another each week. Together, we point one another to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, the one who daily meets our needs, and the one who has lavished us with his grace. We also remind one another that these truths hold firm – even on days when they don’t feel very true in the midst of the moment.

As we have received grace, we seek to parent in grace as well. This year, our theme is “Grace and Growth: Lavish Love and Life Together.” We will be using the book of Ephesians as our primary Biblical text, and will seek to apply the scriptural truths we learn to all facets of our lives as women and mothers.

So, whether you are a sleep-deprived mother of a newborn, raising older children in the school years, or learning what it looks like to parent teens and launch adult children, come. Whether your time is spent in the kitchen, the community, or the corporate board room, come. Whether you know Jesus well, or are just curious about why following Jesus matters in mothering, come. We are eager to walk with you. Please come and join us as we follow Christ and grow in his grace—together.

  • Thursday mornings, 9:00-11:15, Garden Room, Knox Church
  • Follows Ann Arbor Public Schools schedule for holidays, snow days, etc.
  • Childcare provided for newborns-kindergarten (Please help us staff our childcare rooms appropriately by registering in advance.)
  • Kickoff – Thursday, September 12. Come and bring a friend!

Contact: Heidi Lemmerhirt